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A podcast where two friends who used to do yoga together in a basement, now chat about chaos and wellness and what that can look like overseas. 

Apr 20, 2021

BBP invites Gabriela Encina, fellow expat and licensed psychologist, on the show to discuss the difference between an expat funk and depression. Even if you've never experienced chemical depression, you may be surprised at how relatable this message is in validating some of the challenges unique to expats.

As an expat herself, Gabriela gets it and brings her research and experience to address this important topic. Swipe right to get a sample! 

We join Gabriela as she expresses to listeners that even if parts of this episode are relatable, "We don't want to label anyone, or for anyone to self diagnose themselves. We want [listeners] to understand when they need help and to ask a mental health professional if you have a suspicion that you have depression or are going through an expat funk. Don't diagnose it, please. It is very important that you seek help. You don't have to go through this alone." 

If you are struggling and want to talk to someone, here are some places to turn to for help: 

Resources for general expat community: 

Resources for the U.S. Diplomatic Community:

  • Contact your local healthcare providers at post through the embassy medical unit and/or your Regional Medical Officer/Psychiatrist (RMOP). 
  • Employee Consultation Services (ECS) provides free, confidential counseling with professional social workers for State Department employees and their families. 
  • Work Life 4 You (or 'Staff Care' for USAID employees) is largely known for emergency back-up child care, but also offers a wide variety of assistance. 
  • Check your health insurance plan. For example, Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP) offers tele-therapy visits for mental health.
  • Family Liaison Office (FLO) offers helpful resources HERE
  • American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) offers resources HERE.
  • Non-State Department EFMs may have different resources offered through their partners’ agencies (i.e. DEA, DOD, etc.)